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Rongoā Mauri™ 

Rongoā Mauri™ is a kaupapa to support wāhine suffering with stress, anxiety, trauma or PTSD. We are Rongoā Māori healers with a focus on the Manawa (heart space) applying rongoā (Traditional Plant Medicine),Te Whē (Karakia, Waiata, Kōrero) and Mirimiri. 




Rongoā is not about medicine. Rongoā is about balance and peace. Rongoā is a way of living. Having balance, which is essentially peace of the hinengaro, tinana and wairua (mind, body and spirit) is what is most important and what we strive for.



Everything has mauri: people; animals; houses; trees; rivers; mountains; a chair. Mauri knits and binds everything together creating a whole in its totality. Everything has its own mauri with a vibrating essence that flows into other mauri to make a complete essence.

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Manawa = Heart Space

The heart is the compass. The conductor. Our guide for Truth. It is where everything is woven together.


Te Whē

Māori Marsden describes Te Whē as the clothing of the word. It is the reverberation of the sound created when the wind moves through the leaves.

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Mirimiri promotes healing through bodywork or physical touch or kohatu (stones) to draw toxic energy out of the body. It utilises a holistic approach to restoring wellness to the mind, spirit, body and emotional wellbeing.

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