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Module 1: Indigenous Medicine — The Healing Cosmology of Curanderismo

To curanderos, there’s no distinction between nature and humans. Like many native medicine peoples around the world, curanderos believe that the origin of disease and imbalances is energetic... as is the healing process. Energetic diagnostics is a key element within curanderismo to uncover the origin of a disease.

In this opening class you’ll discover the kinds of curanderos that exist — Hierberas, Parteras, Sobadores, Huesera, and more — and explore how they diagnose imbalances. Adriana will share about classic diagnostic techniques... and how plants, flowers, fungi and resins can be used for rebalancing.

You’ll dive deep into herbs classically found in a shaman’s toolkit for limpias — cleansing rituals and ceremonies for protection. Adriana will also offer key recipes and techniques for making protective ritual tools, such as Agua de Florida, to clear spaces and the energetic field.

In this first session, you’ll discover:

  • What exactly curanderismo is

  • Diagnosis, treatment, limpias, plants, and spiritual tools for rituals

  • An understanding of the energetics of diagnostics according to curanderos

  • How to set up a sacred space to give and receive treatment

  • Key medicinal herbs used by curanderos for energetic cleansing

  • How to recognize patterns of illness and energetic imbalances within yourself and others

  • What limpias are — and the different kinds that are used in healing rituals

  • Protective herbs, flowers, fungi, and key tools for altars and healing spaces

Module 1: Rongoā

Module 1: Rongoā

Module 1: Rongoā

Module 1: Rongoā

Module 1: Rongoā

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