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The natural health information contained on this entire website is for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES only and is not meant to replace medical advice, diagnose or treat any disease.  We do not assume any liability for your use of any information contained in this publication. 


You are responsible for directing your own health care so please use any information at your own risk. Always consult with your health care practitioner/professional before starting any therapeutic treatments or supplements to assist you to make decisions about your health care program.  


Cosmic Creations Limited, Te Waka Rākau Charitable Trust and Joanne Hakaraia offer educational and therapeutic sessions to assist you in obtaining optimal wellbeing which may include herbal, nutritional & lifestyle support.  


We do not provide medical advice or diagnosis in our consultations, we advise this should be done by a doctor and therapies offered should not be substituted or replaced for doctor's treatment and should be viewed as complimentary.  Consult your doctor with regard to your medical condition/s and symptoms for advice.


At Te Waka Rākau Charitable Trust we are committed to your privacy and the protection of your information. 


If you are receiving email from us then you are a member or customer with us, you have emailed us for information from our website or you have previously purchased or expressed interest in our products or services.


You have our assurance that your personal information will never be shared, sold or rented to anyone without your permission with the exception of legal requirements in a court of law.


If you no longer wish to be on our email list simply reply to any email with 'take me off your email list' in the subject line or click on the following link take me off your email list

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