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Our kaupapa is to protect the mana of our natural resources, the mauri of the whenua and the well-being of wāhine and their whanau.  

We do this through the traditional practices of Rongoā Māori by:


  • having a safe and supporting space for healing to take place

  • cultivating creativity through the making of rongoā

  • strengthening whanaungatanga with the ngahere 

  • demonstrating kaitiakitanga with sustainable rongoā practices

  • demonstrating the use of healing plants found around the whare


We apply the principles of:


  • We guide wāhine to connect to the mauri of rākau (the life-force of plants and trees) for healing. 


  • Strengthening relationships by creating supportive opportunities for wāhine to develop and preserve their knowledge and skills in traditional Māori healing;  


  • Restoring kaitiakitanga and responsibilities of te taiao with mātauranga Māori and its use in indigenous biodiversity management


  • Embracing projects that nurture and support the realm of Papatūānuku. When we heal Papatūānuku we heal ourselves. When we heal ourselves, we heal Papatūānuku. 


  • Providing a sacred space of hauora to share wellness together. Deepening our understanding of the true meaning of aroha as the highest vibration.


  • Providing nourishment through wānanga with the guidance of our kaupapa


  • Moving and weaving together as one roopu, for the care and aroha of Papatūānuku and her descendants.

The principles of Te Waka Rākau are expressed within our kaupapa and are based on traditions that are central to Te Ao Māori.   Our creation stories and traditions guide our thought processes, our behaviours and our states of being.  We share these concepts as wisdom that can be found within the plant kingdom.

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