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Charging under the Full Moon of Rākaunui

Rākaunui is the most powerful of all lunar phases, and can have a profound spiritual effect if you know how to harness its purifying energy.

This is a brief kōrero on Rākaunui and how it can affect, inspire and rejuvenate.

The moon rises in strength which means the internal fluids of the tinana rises also. The moon creates a pulling motion on the internal fluids of the tinana as well as the tides. It's a pulling motion because our body is magnetic from all the minerals that make up our tinana like iron in the blood for instance.

The best time to strengthen our self-power are at the time of rākaunui, when the Moon has waxed to the maximum. Rākaunui is a time of heightened energy, activity, and emotions. We can access the power of rākaunui energy for about a week: three days before, on the day, and three days after rākaunui. This gives us a wide window within which to plan a healing ritual to release any mamae. Rākaunui can be a time of emotional upheaval because the internal fluids within our tinana are full. This period of time can heighten our emotions, both good or bad, and can potentially make us more sensitive. However, the beauty of knowing and understanding this is that we get many opportunities to heal, clear and rejuvenate every month just by working with the energy of the moon. When rākaunui passes the Moon gradually starts to wane and so does the heightened energy. The internal fluids of the tinana wane and feel less full.

Rākaunui is a time to forge new paths of personal growth. Rituals under rākaunui allow us to harness the moon's energy to release what no longer serves us; to let go of negative forces and absorb only healing, positive energy.

Just like the tinana, our kōhatu or crystals need clearing, cleaning and recharging too. They too work with the moon for cleansing. Rākaunui is a great time to place our 'working' kōhatu (crystals) outside to recharge.

Those who work with kōhatu know when they need recharging. Kōhatu are constantly working to clear and absorb unwanted energy and they can feel paru or feel heavy. They don't shine as they usually do and can look and feel as if they need cleaning. Sound familiar?

Like us, they’re affected by negative energy and influences, as well as positive ones. They need opportunities to re-tune their own system vibration back to its essential, unadulterated frequency. As humans, we should be giving ourselves the same attunement because like kōhatu, we also have an essential, unadulterated frequency. We just need a reminder every now and then. Sustained exposure to the magnetic white light-energy of Rākaunui offers an effective way for kōhatu, and us, to rejuvenate.

Since ancient times, kōhatu have been used to store energy received from the surrounding environment to enhance emotional and spiritual balance. If you wish to purify the vibration of your kōhatu so they are most effective, the time of rākaunui is most powerful to recharge energies.

Kōhatu are one of many expressed forms of consciousness. Basic in shape, matter, and pattern, but they are, in fact, perfectly balanced forms of consciousness, which belong to the mineral kingdom of the Earth or Papatūānuku.

Radiating out of all living things, are their electromagnetic fields. And the EMF of one living thing interacts with the EMF of another living thing (or non-living things, like electrical appliances). You can feel the power of this when somebody stands too close to you and you get a hit of unwanted energy. But it works the other way too – ever feel inextricably drawn to a person or a place?

It’s the nature of life, as we know it, to expand, grow, and increase its awareness, so when we’re in the presence of someone or something that’s vibrating on a higher frequency than we are, our EMF wants to ‘catch up’. I like to call it resonance or connecting to the mauri.

Your mauri or vibrational frequency will self-adjust, which will then slightly affect your level of consciousness. You may feel better, gain some knowledge, be healthier, or the change may be imperceptible.

Each different type of kōhatu emits its own frequency and there are countless variants. They can affect different forms of illness within the physical and emotional bodies, energize or soothe specific points on the body and enhance mental and even spiritual understanding.

Programming Kōhatu

Silicon chips are used today in virtually all computing technology. A silicon chip is a very small piece of silicon inside a computer. It has electronic circuits on it and can hold large quantities of information or perform mathematical or logical operations. The purest silicon is found in quartz rock. So in this form, we know that quartz is activated when it has electrical energy running through it. Quartz can be programmed and will transmit information with conscious intention alone, without the need for electrical circuitry. This is why I love designing within my website, it's the kōhatu within that inspires me to play.

The week of Rākaunui is an exciting and powerful time. Shift your awareness to all of the good things that can be generated within yourself and your environment, and it will always be a productive and prosperous time for you.

Ngā mihi

Joanne Hakaraia

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Unknown member
May 26, 2021



Unknown member
May 26, 2021

Beautiful korero blessed


Unknown member
May 25, 2021

Beautiful! I excitedly intended on charging my crystals tonight. I have some that go travelling with us and stay in the car and some for our whare. There are also small ones for the tamariki that they choose, and they hold them when they’re upset or need to. Interesting my son had chosen a blue crystal ball which he took to kohanga some days or played with in the car when he finished. In a month his speech improved.. I didn’t realise until a couple weeks ago when I connected blue to the throat chakra. Beautiful how everything ties in with everything 🤍

Joanne Hakaraia
Joanne Hakaraia
May 29, 2021
Replying to

Tino ataahua Ms Maddison xx i love that you hsve certain ones for travelling and others for other mahi. We have our favourites dont we xx

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