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The Gap Between The Hemispheres

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

I discovered that the right and left sides of my brain were not integrating well together. Such an odd thing to discover but I considered it as I was driving one day and asked the question “why is one side of the brain hemisphere stronger than the other?”. It was pretty much a case of left vs right brain.  There is a perfectly good explanation for this.

It is because the brain is divided down the middle into two hemispheres, with each half performing a fairly distinct set of operations. In general, the left hemisphere is dominant in language and processes what we hear and carries out most of the function of speaking. It also handles logic and mathematical calculations. When you need to retrieve a fact, your left brain pulls it from your memory.

The right hemisphere is more dominant in visual imagery and helps us to make sense of what we see.  I spend a great deal of time using the right side of the brain which is the creative side and therefore, it is very strong.  I don’t tend to use the left side of the brain which is the logical side as extensively as I could and so this side is not as strong as the right.I thought about the absurdity of having left vs right brain and reflected on how I could have them both integrated as if they were one.  It seems that I have to switch from one hemisphere to the other when I am doing something that pertains to the significant side.  I saw that I am always in a particular state of mind when I operate from the right side of the brain and that state of mind is comfortable for me.   I understand it and I know where I am when I operate and come from this side.

The left side, however, seems to be a bit of an effort to operate from.  It requires a different state of mind and therefore, a different frequency to operate from.  When I saw the disparity I was able to see the gap between the hemispheres and work out how I could merge the two together to work as one, seamlessly.

What is the gap?   

The horizon comes to mind when I use the word ‘seamlessly’ because I can see the gap between the two hemispheres.  Interestingly, there is a seam that runs along the brain and separates the two hemispheres or joins the two hemispheres depending on how you want to look at it.

The seam is the horizon, the nothingness, the gap where everything is contemplated.  Are they joined or are they separated?

When I am in the right side of the brain I am comfortable and enjoy being in this state of mind.  There seems to be no effort.  Yet, when I switch to using the left side of the brain it requires effort.  Even though the effort is not all that great, it is still effort and most of us love to be where we feel comfortable.

I felt that if I explored it well enough that I would be able to find the gap that was hindering the two hemispheres from working seamlessly together.  I saw that to enable this to happen it requires is a slight change in the tuning dial to change the frequency.  The two hemispheres have frequencies and when we know what the frequency is of each side, it becomes easier for them to blend in.  There are a few things we can perform to go into either frequency and it gets easier and faster each time we tune in and then it becomes an accepted part of being.

Know Your Frequency

For example, taking a deep breath and allowing your mind to drop down into your heart space brings you into the right side of the brain.  If you can feel the frequency it tends to be a low pitched frequency.  To go into the left side you can bring your awareness up into your forehead or the pineal area in a more alert state of mind.  The frequency is higher pitched.If you’re more inclined to come from one side of the brain where it’s more dominant, it can be an effort to switch with ease but once you know how it should become easy where both hemispheres are working seamlessly as one.

When I saw the frequencies of the two sides, I was able to see myself being amidst the flow of vibrational waveforms.  And in the vibrational waveforms I saw a mixture of frequencies that our hemsipheres can tune into whenever they like depending on which frequency the brain is in at the time.  It’s not neccessary to operate from one side of the brain.  It’s not necessary to have one side that’s more dominant than the other because they are one.  It’s learning to use the frequencies to our advantage rather than separate logic and creativity.  When we learn how to work with our vibrational field we will be able to tune in to frequencies at will.

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