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The Many Puna of Kūmarahou

Kūmarahou has a myriad of hues that she moves through. And with every hue that she moves through, she shifts in being. Her ahua changes. For those who are connecting with her during this time will also shift with her into her many puna of transition.

She awakens and initiates your natural expressive nature. She opens the throat to enable the voice to sing. This is why you want to sing with joy when you see her in full bloom. She waves to you in pure joy shouting at the top of her lungs "I am here! I am here!"

Her colours of transition are other worldly and are a gentle reminder to show you who you truly are. She will support you to be expressive and creative. She opens the heart and lungs and helps you to purge, to release stuck emotions. She clears the channel of breath so you can breathe deeply again. She is truly remarkable in all that she does. A bitter tonic to swallow but this is how she purges, removing toxins and breaking up heavy mucus.

She loves to grow in clay. And what does clay do for the body? This is where you'll find her mana.

One of the first to cloak Papatūānuku when there has been fire. Kūmarahou will adorn her.

Allow this spritely mighty plant move you into your natural puna. She will help to unblock you to have a voice and to express yourself in all forms of being.

Observe her as she moves through the puna. She is now hapu and starting to gather momentum to transition. Watch her buds as they change colour. They are impregnated and full of mauri. She will keep growing in mauri until she bursts into bloom. By then she will be in the most glorious of sun-filled yellow you have ever seen.

Right now, she is in her first trimester depending on your location. I encourage you to sit with her throughout her myriad of puna. She will support you to move through your own transition if you let her. Connect with her mauri and may her beauty touch you on every level.

Arohanui kia koe

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Unknown member
Apr 27, 2022

Wow thank you Joanne.nive just made up some kumarahou tonic which feels perfect for what we, as a whanau, need right now. Mihi aroha


Aug 27, 2021

ātaahua,, thank you for sharing , this is one rakau I am drawn to , such a magical rakau.

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