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Kaitohu Wairua

Kaitohu Wairua is a person who reads tohu, (signs and symbols) and is profoundly aware of their surroundings.  They observe the tohu (signs) of the environment, characteristics and behaviour of people or person, animal behaviour and even their own body. They interpret tohu where necessary to provide guidance for others.  Tohu appear in the physical dimension and in the spiritual dimension. They appear in dreams, visions and images. They can even appear through hearing, smell and sound.

Kaitohu Wairua are experienced in seeing tohu such as a flicker of light in a room of chaos.  The tohu can be physical or in wairua (metaphysical) and it is the skill of the Kaitohu to be able to sense it and decode it. These tohu reveal themselves to point those who are searching for answers in the right direction for answers and guidance.

Reading the tohu of the body can reveal very important aspects of a person's general health and the direction that they are moving toward. If there are health goals that a client has been trying to attain yet coming up against obstacles and obstructions in their path, being able to recognise what is out of balance and possible ways of re-balancing are brought into light during a session.

When a client has determined their life goals and/or spiritual aspirations, measures are put in place to work toward them.  Any blocks and barriers that are identified, are worked through in a holistic manner.

What is the Purpose of the Session?

The purpose of the session is to support you in restoring balance in Hinengaro, Tinana and Wairua (Mind, Body and Soul) so you become clear to hear your inner voice.  It helps you discover your purpose so you can design a life that supports your calling.

My role is to help you tune into your own inner voice. We have an innate sense of knowing that upholds the truth of all that is known.

I guide people to align with their truth and walk with purpose. Our inner wisdom is authentic. We know when we are walking our true path when everything in our life aligns and clicks into place. It connects and resonates with a 'click'. There is a resonance that harmonises with everything around us.

You hold the answers to all of your questions. We receive the answers in the way that we ask the questions. And not just any questions. We have to ask the RIGHT questions.

What are the RIGHT questions?

The RIGHT questions are coded. They unlock and open doors that provide us with a profound answer. We know when we ask the right question because it will feel good. We will feel the key in the door turning.

My role is to guide you in asking the right questions that will move you in the direction of your highest potential.

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