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The Heart of the Giants

I went to visit with kauri today and my heart grew heavy. The last time I visited this special place was 3 years ago. Before then I would regularly visit and sit with the giant ones to ground myself and to be in peace. The local walking track was closed so I stayed back on the verge of the forest. I miss this place. I miss the giant ones. I could see that some of the trees had deteriorated and it threw me. My heart grew heavy and an outpouring of tears came. It felt like a seam in my heart had opened and a volcano was erupting.

But as I turned to walk away I felt a whisper in my heart.

It whispered ever so softly but I could feel it under the mamae.

"Hearts to heal"

The giant kauri symbolises the strength of the manawa (heart). When you connect to the mauri of kauri you will feel the enormity and power of your heart. It will reveal to you in an instant what your heart has been holding on to and it will purge it. There is more intensity in the purging with kauri then with other rākau. The mauri is more demanding and unforgiving but it's what is required in the reshuffle of 2020. Once there is space in your heart, It will reveal to you the strength and capability of what your heart can do and align you in the direction of your life purpose, again. If you have been doing your personal healing work you will know your life purpose. You will know your pain and the extent of it and you will be aware of where you are in the healing scale of it. If you don't know then perhaps your personal questions need to be more uncomfortable or more truth is required in your answers. I know that if you are reading this then you follow my work and understand what is being conveyed.

Everything we see through our eyes is a reflection of who we are. Nature shows us who we are and where we are in our hearts. If I was to walk with you in the forest along the same path, we would see different things through our perception.

Kauri showed me the mamae that I held in my heart. I cried for a dying friend that I would miss whole-heartedly. It was painful to see the drastic change in these giants but under the heaviness I could still feel the whisper of my life purpose. I could sense the direction to move and the caption of purpose.

Their wisdom still lives and pulses through the forest which in turn pulses through us. We only need to re-member them in our hearts and draw on their wisdom and mauri.

This is what kauri revealed to me today.

This blog was written on my last visit to Auckland at Cascade Kauri in West Auckland November 2020. There is still a rāhui on in the area however I was able to walk to the carpark. From there I could glimpse the top of the kauri. Even as I write this it brings tears to my eyes but will remember their strength and wisdom forever.

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I have a large Kauri in my backyard which has succumbed to Kauri dieback. I grieve for him everyday. The others close by I thought were ok, but they seem to be infected too. I have tried to engage with local groups to help but it seems to be an overwhelming problem and not enough resources.. So I sit with my Kauri and send aroha. I have placed my own rahui on my property. But this does not stop possums and rats walking through. We trap these. Its not enough but it feels like all I can do. Meanwhile the kereru still use his branches to perch. The ruru call from the tops at night. Many other manu spend time…


Right. That makes sense. Ive purged a few times in the last 2 weeks. This now makes sense where it came from. Thank you Jo. As always. You shed the brightest light. x

Joanne Hakaraia
Joanne Hakaraia
Mar 21, 2021
Replying to

Ngā mihinui Varnya xx Purging the heart <3

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