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What is Truth?

When I was a young girl I remember Easter being a time when we would gather in the lounge and watch epic biblical movies all weekend. Now, I have to search for them.

As we move into a significant and symbolic spiritual time, we can feel the energy of Christ all around us. He was a Master healer. Lately, I find myself looking into his teachings through his proverbs. In these current times, I am nurturing myself with spiritual kai.

When Jesus was about to be crucified, he was asked “What is Truth?”

Jesus answered “I Am not of this world. My kingdom is not of this world”.

What do you think Jesus meant by that? I am not of this world?

First, I think we have to understand what Truth is.

What is Truth?

Questions can be spiritual doorways into the esoteric world. There are questions that guide us to go deeper into the esoteric world to understand more. Questions like “What is Truth?” will open a sacred world for us to peek in to see what is there. You see this sacred world, however, you might not go into it right now but you've been activated to see that space. You know that there is something there for you to dive deeper into to learn more. This is what asking the right questions are designed to do. They guide us into revelations. And all you do is just sit with it. You don't have to have the answers right away. It could be something that you sit with for days, weeks, months or even years to receive more kōrero from it. The longer you sit with it the more spiritual nourishment you receive, the more kai your wairua receives. Our wairua is yearning for spiritual kai, spiritual nourishment. We can be nourished by asking this simple question “What is Truth?”

· What is Truth?

· What does Truth mean for you?

· How does Truth make you feel?

· What happens to your body when you hear, see or feel Truth?

· Do you know when you are hearing, seeing or feeling Truth?

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Joanne Hakaraia-Olson

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