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The Mauri of Rākau Rangatira

A 26 Week Online Rongoā Course

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A leaf is not just a leaf. It is light. Light radiating through all dimensions and coming directly from AIO, the Source of Origin. Witnessing the Light and being able to articulate it is so important because it grounds it into the physical body and into Te Ao Marama, the physical world.


Rākau Rangatira are pillars of Light that are a bridge to AIO. The Mareikura are the Beings of Light that guide us to the heavenly realms of AIO. We commune with them and they ensure that we are in a state of tapu before entering. Because to reach this place, one must be and have, pure intent.


Mareikura Rongoā will support you in tuning in to Rākau Rangatira. Preparing yourself to be tapu is a tikanga. Being tapu means you are a sacred vessel to receive the mātauranga of Rākau Rangatira.

In this course we draw from the sacred wisdom tradition of Rongoā Māori to help us return to our innate balance and heal the influences of past wounds on ourselves. The extraordinary mystical perspective of Rākau Rangatira attunes us to the unseen dimensions, just as it clarifies our connection to Papatūānuku. It helps us to maximize our human instruments to be better conduits for the exuberant life force that wants to bring forth clarity, wisdom, and healing.

Flowers of New Zealand Southern Rata brighten the day for visitors to the Otira Gorge in A

Summer Solstice to Winter Solstice

22 Dec 2023 - 21 June 2024

Te Ihu Hineraumati - Te Ihu Hinetakurua

Starting Soon


  • learn the meaning of rongoā and how it can help you to remember your soul’s innate balance and sacred purpose

  • access deeper levels of mātauranga (knowledge) through your connection to Rākau Rangatira

  • learn about spiritual detoxification working with rongoā to support a sacred vessel.

  • understand how your whare reflects your state of mind

  • develop and strengthen your matakitetanga

  • read and interpret mauri to facilitate deeper healing and ascension

  • shift energy blockages through your connection to Rākau Rangatira

Cost is subscription based from 21st December 2023 - 21st June 2024. You choose to pay $50 per month or $15 per week.

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Hineraumati - Hinetakurua
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