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Does Your Home Reflect Your State of Mind?

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

Are You Really Your Environment?

The relationship we have with our home is closer than you think.

Our home is a physical manifestation of the mind. We have created the home by way of the mind. Every room, cupboard and drawer corresponds to a part on our body. The mind has created the ‘stuff’ that’s in it. That’s why it is such a cleansing feeling when we declutter the home. We are essentially decluttering the mind and parts of the body that the mind has chosen to attach the rooms to.

When our home environment is cluttered, the chaos restricts our ability to focus. The clutter also limits our brains ability to process information. Clutter can make us distracted and unable to process information as well as we do in an uncluttered, organised, and serene environment.

It has an impact on our reflective time. How can we clean it up?

We cannot fill vessels already full

They must first be emptied

When we align with truth, when we align with Source, we immediately feel centred. To know and feel Truth, we must align our life to feel this and become conscious and make mindful choices with a higher power.

Our mind becomes clear immediately upon connecting with Truth. Being present is the portal into Consciousness.

Live Simply

Rise and overcome the need to have things. Overcome the salespitch to buy things. Do not fall prey to spend on needless items. Learn to live simply and organically. Remove yourself from the chaos, step by step. Start by removing the television.

Discover what you believe in and unravel the beliefs engraved in you that may not be what you believe in anymore

It’s not until we find a quiet place with space to think of whats important in our life that we know what to do to make healthy adjustments.

The world is designed by a system to keep our minds busy. It’s designed so we dont have the space to think for ourselves. The more incessant talking in our ears and bombarded through advertisements, the more we lose the capacity to think for ourselves. We move and live on automatic pilot, almost like we're programmed. The choices and decisions we make are heavily influenced by materialism. Our environment is quite artificial and it dictates our health with all its chemicals.

When we start to remove artificial 'stuff' from our lives we can then begin to see the nautral beauty that life has to offer.

Begin with your home

The more we declutter our home, the more space we bring to light in our mind. The more space in our mind, the more capacity we have for new energy and ideas to flow. Changes in our life occur because we start to think differently. Try not to be in a hurry to fill that space again. We have a natural tendency to fill spaces but instead, just enjoy the expansiveness of the mind and the freedom that comes with it.

As we open up to new possibilities the energy flows and we'll discover a fresh way of thinking.

When we have created the space, sit and reflect. Allow the light to illumine the space and rise up. Uplift the mind and really enjoy the space of freedom. When we notice the mind wondering, bring it back to sitting and being at peace with the surroundings and what we have created. Be absolutely present, be in the here and now.

Our homes mirror who we are. We can beautify our homes with material things as we do with clothing and makeup but unless we ucover and clear the hidden space that we fill with unconscious clutter, we will not feel completely clear. There will always be an unconscious feeling of limited space, within the home and within the mind.

Our subconcious knows the capacity of space whether we do or not. Our subconscious also knows the clutter that is hidden and buried out of view from prying eyes. It holds an energy about it that doesnt move and becomes stagnant and dense over time. New energy, new ideas cannot pass through that part of the home (and mind).

The idea is to create space. We decluttter to create infinte space to allow fresh energy to circulate.

Only de-clutter what belongs to you. Personal items that belong to someone else may appear to be clutter to us but are not quite ready to be cleared by the owner of the items. It's not our right or responsibility to release items for other people unless asked to. The decluttering process is about releasing stagnant and/or stuck energy that only WE can release. Remembering that items hold memories and if we remove an item for someone else without their permission, we deny them the opportunity to release their own stuck energy. If we feel the need to remove other peoples' items without their permission, perhaps we might question what that is revealing about ourselves. I know how my disorderly state of mind could affect my practical experiences. How could I expect bodily conditions to be right when clutter and stagnation were so prevalent in my thoughts and when spiritual qualities were so neglected?

Everything is Spiritual

The spirit of man is supreme

the body of man is secondary

The body is the manifestation of our wairua (spirit) . Thoughts and ideas come from the mind of man and are to serve the spirit. We know when we are serving spirit when everything clicks into place, it feels right with a thunderous resonance. We will feel a resounding hum throughout our body. It’s this resounding hum that attracts what we require, like a magnet because it’s in tune with us.

If we can imagine the spirit for a minute. We might imagine our physical body with our spirit fluctuating where body is. Our spirit does not look like our body, it only feels like it does. Our spirit, in fact, is much larger. It is vast. It weaves and connects with everyone else’s spirit. It also connects with the trees, the birds, the ocean and the stars. It keeps on going connecting with the galaxy. This is how we are all connected. We are one.

The physical body is the manifestation of the mind. Everything about our body is an expression and a reflection of how we see ourselves, through the mind. When we are fully conscious and present we can feel our spirit and our connection to everything. It’s a very powerful space. When we are present we are not using the mind, we are coming from spirit.

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