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Horoptio is a rākau that grows in cold areas. It is a hot peppery plant and has properties that stimulate the blood. It is very effective in warming hands and feet as it supports circulation and reduces inflammation within the body. It is great for people that are prone to chilblains, poor circulation or varicose veins. 


I use this rongoā in my clinic on kaumatua and kuia to warm up their feet. They absolutely love it. I always give them a small jar to takeaway with them and they love that it's natural and a rongoā that they have whakapapa to.


Horopito is not to be used for hapū māmā (during pregnancy. 


120 grams



HOROPITO~ Hot Pepper Body Balm

  • Wild harvested Horopito (Pseudowintera colorata)

    Organic Olive Oil

    Organic beeswax

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