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What is rongoā?


I invite you on a transformational journey 

to wānanga with the mauri of rākau.

Discover how rongoā heals on a deeper level.

Immerse yourself in the study of 12 rākau exploring

 their rongoā and their mauri.

You can tune in to the mauri wherever you are in the world.

Our Sacred Vessel

As you are all aware, we are living in extraordinary times but what makes these times so rare is not only what is unfolding in the world around us. We are rapidly changing from within.


This rongoā wānanga is a spiritual retreat essential to our physical and spiritual well-being. It is an exploration of specific plants and how they facilitate deeper levels of healing for our hinengaro, tinana and wairua (mind, body and spirit).


Plants in their wholeness are a bridge. They have the mana to shift your cells and attune your body to a higher path of consciousness. They will reflect to you who you are and show you your highest potential.



Prepare the tinana, hinengaro and wairua with a whakawaatea (holistic clearing)

Immerse yourself in the mauri of a rākau ​

Personalised support for 12 months with monthly live wānanga ​

Join our exclusive Facebook Group page 

No assignments

Self-directed with support from your kaiako when required

Restore balance and inner peace through the mauri of rākau

Learn simple tools and techniques for your hauora (wellbeing)

Develop and strengthen your matakitetanga

Tune into rākau directly for guidance and information


Your Kaiako

The founding of the RONGOĀ MAURI ONLINE COURSE came from a calling to work with the indigenous plants of Aotearoa. I have dedicated my life to working with and studying plants.

Our trees and ferns hold the DNA of millions of years. This is mauri and it is a powerful and potent rongoā not just from a physical state but primarily within the esoteric realms.

I share this mātauranga with people like you on the journey of understanding how the mauri of nature can help you fully embody your soul’s purpose.

Are you ready to learn the ancient language of plants and walk deeper into the ngahere?


​The power of sacred medicine is that we clear the pathway not only for ourselves, but for our uri (descendents) & tūpuna (ancestors) also.

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