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How you are billed for your Te Wakāa Rākau online course 'auto-renew'
Once you begin the course you automatically become a member of Te Waka Rākau. Your weekly or monthly membership fee renews automatically (auto-renew) until the completion of the course or until canceled. This prevents disruption to running services.

Put simply, if you register for the online course your membership will auto-renew each week or each month until you cancel the membership.

Your membership auto-renews
The auto-renew weekly or monthly billing continues unless you sign-in and manually choose to 'toggle off' the auto-renew. If you toggle off the auto-renew, you will not be billed again and your membership will not renew at the end of the billing cycle. If you change your mind, you can toggle the auto-renew back on at any time within your membership period, to continue on with your membership billing cycle. PLEASE BE AWARE that if you choose the 'cancel my subscription' link you will immediately revoke your access to Te Waka Rākau and all supplementary material. We do not recommend that you do this.

To ensure that your membership does not lapse / Update your card details
Update your card payment details (expiry date, CCV code
etc) or to add a new payment method and set it as the new default for recurring payments:

++ If your credit card is linked to your PayPal account then sign into PayPal directly to update your card details

If you wish to disable the auto renew feature / cancel the membership

Email me at and I will cancel your membership for you.

You will receive an email confirmation almost immediately. And that’s it! Your payment
auto renew has now been suspended and you will not be billed again. You will continue to have full access to all the benefits of Te Waka Rākau until your membership expires.

Refunds & Cancellations

Digital Goods and Online Courses: Due to the nature of digital data, we cannot refund digital goods and/or online classes


New Members, upon purchase you will have instant access to Membership pages.  Keep safe your email address and password as you will use these each time you sign-in.

We post information on our Forum Page so please return to the access page

SIGN IN - Existing Members

THE MAJORITY OF SIGN IN ISSUES are easily solved are related to your web browser cookies settings

1. Open your web browser settings / preferences and ensure that you are ACCEPTING COOKIES from third party websites and not blocking cookies
2. You should then thoroughly delete your cookies and temporary files (again via the browser settings)
3. Quit and restart your browser, then visit the access page where you will be prompted to enter your email address and

4. Visit
5. When the
pop up window with the price options presents, follow the link "Already Subscribed? Sign In"

New Zealand Customers - GST
If you are a resident of New Zealand and pay using your New Zealand credit card or PayPal account the total price includes GST. You will not be issued with a separate tax invoice

We aim to answer all messages within 24 hours ( often much sooner - please allow up to 48 hours over weekends and public holidays).

If you have questions, wish to provide feedback or require any assistance at all, we would LOVE to hear from you, please reach out to us at:

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