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Our Power is in the Present

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

The awareness of being present feels like we are in a space filled with absolute fullness but nothingness at the same time.  The space has complete potentiality and we feel like we can do anything in that moment.  The power of creativity comes to life.

Being in the present moment means being without thought.  We let go of thought and invite stillness into our lives. We invite a higher power to be the active participant in our lives.

When we are present we find that formless space acts as a portal or a doorway to Consciousness.  In that moment we are a powerful force.  We have access to in-formation and our whole being is in a heightened awareness.  Our mauri (life-force) is at its peak and vibrating at full potential.  It is in this moment that our magnetic field is operating at full capacity and we have the magnetism to attract to us whatever it is we focus on. Time is irrelevent in presentness.  It has no influence over us and we feel this in every part of our cells.

Letting go of thought is not easy and it requires a concerted effort.  Of course, thoughts are not totally indispensable, they are necessary to organise an event or arrange important daily activities but making an effort to sustain presentness in our day as much as we can must become part of our regime.

As we become more aware of being present we will come to know the activites of what helps us to sustain presentness.  It would be an advantage to us to learn what activities we could do to be present.  A daily routine of small ‘being present’ actions is essential to do until it becomes a regular occurance and without thought.

Being present is simply meditation with our eyes open

Being able to focus on an object such as a flower or a dog will assist the mind from wondering.  When we find our mind wondering just bring the awareness back to the object. Another suggestion is to have some fragrant herbs on hand so that we can practice being present through smell.  When we inhale the scent of fresh rosemary or fresh mint our senses will return to the present moment instantly.  While smelling the herbs we might want to follow our breath as we breathe in and out and practice working with the breath.  Working with the breath is an excellent act to do to sustain being present.

When we become good at doing these simple actions, we’ll find everything around us will be amplified.  The colours will be brighter, the smells stronger, the sounds louder and sensations more insightful.

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