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RĀKAU - What's in a Name?

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Rakau = tree     

Ra = sun/light        kau = to flow      Ra = Sacred light        u = sustenance

The Ra in Rau means sun or light. So a brief summary of RAKAU is the Streaming of Light or the Flow of Sacred Light.

Behind the physical naming of things there was even a deeper more spiritual meaning. If we look at the leaves of a plant physically we know that plants need sun or light to live. A plant’s leaves draws the light from the sun and turns that light into kai/food. When we look at this from a physical perspective we understand the process using our mind, and its a science.

If we go deeper and look at the process from a spiritual perspective using our heart we will know that the light being transformed into kai is actually divine light illuminated into mātauranga or sacred knowledge.

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