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Entering the Ngahere is a guided meditation by Joanne Hakaraia. Joanne recorded this meditation in the ngahere on maunga Taranaki. 


This guided meditation will take you through the ngahere (forest) and lead you to a Rākau Rangatira (Large Tree). You will hear the actual sounds of manu (birds) who were very curious of the recording. This was an impromptu recording, one of inspiration.

You will experience what Joanne experiences when she enters the ngahere.


The forest is a reflection of the mind. We can bring peace and tranquility to the mind by walking in the ngahere.  Slowing down the pace of our walk and being mindful of the surroundings so as not to disturb anything.


I hope you enjoy this guided meditation :)

Entering the Ngahere - A Guided Meditation

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