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Katrina Campbell

Ko Tauperetao te Maunga

Ko mana-o-rongo te awa

Ko Tataahoata te marae

Ko Ngai te riu te hapu

Ko Tuhoe te iwi

Ko Katrina Campbell tōku ingoa

Ko Wai Au

I grew up with the love of the taiao by watching my parents, and how they treated it.  Whether it was for kai or for medicinal needs.  They knew the tohu to look for and worked with the rhythm of the seasons.

Stepping forward many years later I became interested in medicinal uses of plants as a natural alternative for my tamariki by just using what I could find in my backyard. I did a few weekend workshops on how to learn simple extraction to better utilise the plant matter.  This is where the magic of Tupuna stepped in. I had some plant matter drying on an old western leader paper ready to put to oil, on that newspaper, I happened to notice that there was a guy talking about native plant and the rongoaa it provides, that person was Ruatau Perez and he did wananga around this.


So, in 2014 I registered to do wananga and the rest is history as they say!  I did two years back-to-back.  It was like I had found “My Rhythm, and also a Remembrance all wrapped up in one.” I just couldn’t get enough, and studied at home with as much material around this subject I could get my hands on. But nothing beats getting in there and doing it! 


As your practitioner, I work intuitively with the natural rhythm of the tinana, the hinengaro ā wairua, to find where that disruption of flow began. It is a process like everything, and layers may need to be peeled back as treatment goes on.  It is from this sacred space of healing that we can work together to unravel the pieces and allow that rhythm, that flow, that restores you back to a more balanced, solid and with the tools from my kete, a more sustainably empowered path.


“Walk  the path to hauora with Tupuna at your side.”


Katrina: 0211774584

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