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DIY Anti-Ageing Skin Balm

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

I'm turning 50 years old this year and I have adjusted my skincare routine to work with the mature canvas of my skin. I have noticed my skin has got drier as I have got older with fine lines appearing. My skin requires more moisture and nutrient dense ingredients where I know their whakapapa. I have made my own skincare potions and lotions since I was very young. Gosh, I have some old tricks up my sleeves that would be termed so outdated, nevertheless, they are tried and true and I still swear by them. I may post about them at some stage if I have enough encouragement.

This 4-ingredient anti-ageing face balm will combat fine lines and wrinkles, moisturize, and help restore your skin’s elasticity.

One of the best things you can do for your skin is to use nourishing creams and balms from pure natural sources to feed your skin. This homemade balm contains mineral rich nutrients and is super easy to make.

Camellia is the main active ingredient in this DIY face balm, giving it its unique skin-firming abilities. Working with camellia may be relatively unfamiliar to you when thinking of anti-ageing, but it exhibits potent collagen-stimulating properties. In Japan, Camellia oil pressed from seeds of C. japonica, also called tsubaki oil or tsubaki-abura has been traditionally used in Japan for hair care and skin care. I lived in Japan for two years and I remember camellia oil being a treasured beauty secret by Japanese women. The ancient Geisha's used Camellia oil for their beauty regime for centuries, yet its not well known in other areas of the world.

I have been 'sitting' with Camellia for a few years building whanaungatanga. The petals feel so supple and soft. I can feel the rich moisture content within and when I smell the flower head I can smell the soil that it grows in and its story. I sense the earth when I look at a Camellia. I sense her strength and ability to correct. She is sensual and firm in her stance, just what I need for my skin.

The infused Camellia oil can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. If that’s not enough, Camellia oil can also be useful for treating inflammation – caused by eczema or oxidative stress – with rich fatty acids that help soothe your skin. It is able to penetrate the lower layers of the skin to restore moisture and elasticity, as well as replenish skin lipids that are essential to prevent water loss from the skin.

The second ingredient in this formula is olive oil. You can use grapeseed oil or jojoba oil. I chose olive oil for its actions to:

  • protect and hydrate skin

  • combat ageing because of its antioxidants

  • repair damaged skin tissues

  • revitalise and strengthen skin's tonicity

  • remove make-up easily

  • help with scar tissue and stretch marks

The third ingredient is kokum butter. You can use other plant butters like shea butter, hemp seed butter or almond butter. I chose kokum butter because of its anti-ageing properties, once again, and because it has essential fatty acids like Omega 3 and 6 which helps to prevent cell damage.

The fourth ingredient is Candelilla wax which is produced from a small desert shrub native to Mexico and Southern Texas. I like using Candelilla wax because it is plant based. You can use beeswax however, I choose to use Candelilla because some people are allergic to bees and pollen.

To make this anti-ageing balm you first need to:

  1. Harvest 3-4 Camellias.

  2. Add to a heat-proof glass jar or bowl

  3. Cover the camellia's with olive oil

  4. Place a large pan filled with water on the stove and bring to a high heat

  5. Place the glass jar into the pan of heated water

  6. Warm the petals and oil for about 30 - 40 minutes

  7. Make sure the oil does not boil

  8. Strain the oil with a cheesecloth or something similar

  9. Place the strained oil back into a heat-proof jar

  10. Add jar to pan of water again

  11. Add a tablespoon of kokum butter

  12. Add 20 grams of wax and melt

  13. Once wax has melted, pour oil into jars or containers.

  14. Label

  15. Enjoy!

Comments and feedback appreciated.

Take care everyone. Stay safe xx

Watch the video here

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