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The Body Speaks

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

When you create a safe environment for your client, their body will speak to you.Sometimes it can shout at youbut only because it needs to be heard

Stored within our cellular memory are all the conscious and unconscious patterns of behaviors. The unproductive patterns impair our ability to feel well, happy, healthy, attain our goals and fulfill our destiny.

The teachings will guide you in gently working with emotions, habits or patterns by using a combination of emotional healing and intuitive and spiritual healing.


The first place we must always begin is with ourselves. Working on ourselves to clear our vessel is constant. Knowing what emotions and pain belong to us is crucial so it is extremely vital to know and understand our own body before we can work on others. Most practitioners who work intimately with people 'pick up' on emotions of other people wherever they go. Learning to protect against this is a skill that must be ensured otherwise it could create all sort of problems for the healer. A healing begins as soon as a client makes the booking and this could be weeks in advance. Learning to set 'it' aside is also an ability that we must ensure we do on autopilot. This is why setting aside some space for only YOU is paramount to maintaining your own health and safety. Be steadfast in protecting your space and time with a set day off and make sure you are fully off.


The vibration of aroha is one of the most powerful frequencies a practitioner can emit during a healing session. The healing touch of our hands on a clients body helps the client to connect to their own body. I guide practitioners to connect in a way that encourages the client to feel safe to voice anything that concerns the client. The body speaks. When you create a safe environment for your client, their body will speak to you. Sometimes it can shout at you but only because it needs to be heard. The key is understanding what it is trying to say.


I encourage practitioners to talk with their clients while receiving healing. While emitting the vibration of aroha, your voice will be a powerful healing tool. I have found that when I work on a particular area of a clients body it can trigger a reaction or a response. Sometimes this can be a subtle response and it is up to me to draw out the sound from the client whether it is through talking or murmurs. Connecting the client to that part of the body so they can feel it and voice it requires expertise but is teachable.

By developing the ability to listen to and access the information stored in the body, we can let go of what’s holding us back from living your true potential and fullest life possible.If we resist "what is" and our current feelings, we won't be able to digest the experience.  This will inevitably translate into an extremely unpleasant, sometimes unbearable, sensation.  These "emotions" are stored in the body and if not addressed will turn into pain or disease.


Our bodies use pain as a signal to get our attention that something in the body is off balance.  This pain either becomes stronger or worse.....turns into dis-ease.  We must not deny the pain in our bodies.  We MUST release the pain, hurt and suffering.  We MUST FEEL. We have a resistance to working consciously with the pain body, either because we ignore its existence or because we don't know how to do it.  The pain body can be released only when we transform the emotional charge that is stagnated in our system.

The synergetic combination of bodywork and intuitive healing helps clients access long buried unconscious patterns. The value added of focusing on the body just prior to therapy leads to increased balance between body and mind, to the release of somatic tensions, and to an embodied sense of wellbeing and radiance.

Nurturing touch can calm the nervous system, which integrates the mind-body pattern. This calming effect leads to enhanced self-awareness, giving freedom for feelings to come forth and be released in a safe environment.


In addition, the practitioners I work with are trained to notice where emotions are held in the body. Their attention goes to the issues in the tissues. If left unaddressed, these long-term emotional blockages often result in muscular tension, changes in posture, chronic pain. When certain emotional release points on the body are stimulated, or when pressure is applied skillfully to chronically tense areas, long suppressed memories, buried in old structural patterns are released. 

  Emotional releases can take many forms. Sadness, grief, anger, fear may come to the surface during a session. Some emotional releases are associated with specific traumatic events while others reveal more chronic thought patterns. What's important to know is that freeing the body is creating an opportunity for positive change in both body and mind. 

The value of touch as an integral part of the healing process is age old, and valued in every culture. The re-integration of these two healing modalities is long overdue. No different than the thorough preparation of soil before planting, bodywork before therapy yields better results. In today’s fast paced life, our ability to slow down, listen to, and care for our bodies, conjoined with our willingness to work on ourselves, will lead to unexpected healings.

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