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HINERAUMATI ~Te Takanga o Te Rā

Te Rā = The Sun/Light

Hineraumati = Summer maiden

Hinetakurua = Winter maiden

Te takanga o Te Rā = Summer Solstice/Winter Solstice

The wānanga season of Hineraumati is fast approaching. In Aotearoa, we will celebrate it on the 22nd December 2023. Te takanga o Te Rā is a time when the sun reaches its peak in the sky, marking the longest day of the year. We are reminded to celebrate the nurturing light of the sun and the light that shines within us.

Te takanga o Te Rā is a significant time as we observe Te Rā make his move from the Atua of Summer, Hineraumati, and begin his gradual return to the Atua of Winter, Hinetakurua. The cycle of Te Rā represents the cycle of our lives and reflects the natural flow of energy moving inward and outward.

It seems far too early for the sun to be making its way to Hinetakurua especially since we have not felt the full effects of the heat of the sun yet. We have not seen the flowers of Hineraumati in full bloom yet or reached the full amplification of the fire. However, we are feeling the buildup of the flowering energy inside stirring the vitality of fire, growth, renewal and transformation.

Everything that is happening in front of your eyes is occurring behind your eyes. Papatūānuku is a reflection of you. Take a moment to feel the sensations in your tinana (body) and ask yourself the following questions:

How does your tinana feel as we rise toward the full fruition of Hineraumati?

What thoughts are making your reality right now as we transition to a new wānanga season?

How will you feel in full bloom?

Do you want to be in full bloom or are you resisting? Why?

Did you reserve your energy during Hinetakurua to fully blossom in Hineraumati? Why or why not?

This week I have been observing the flowering of Pōhutukawa. They are nearly in full bloom where I live. The flowering Rākau Rangatira can show us where we are in the wānanga of Hineraumati. They haven't quite reached the peak of Hineraumati, but the energy is rising. The same is true for us. Our internal fire is burning and we can harness the energy for what we would like to see blossom in our lives. Is there an idea that you planted in Koanga that is ready to flower?

We can draw on the wānanga of Rākau Rangatira to guide us on the path of life drawing on their wānanga. For me, I am drawing on the wānanga of Pōhutukawa to bring an idea into flower. And because Pōhutukawa is probably going to flower around te takanga o Te Rā I am tuning in to the mauri for guidance.


The following are questions I ask myself to take myself deeper into the mauri:

What is the kaupapa of Pōhutukawa?

It has waited all year to blossom out and bring forth its scent/sound for a few weeks only.

Who or what does it flower for?

And why?

Who or what do WE flower for?

And why?

What is our scent/sound?

Close up of Pōhutukawa flower

The warm and sunny days of Hineraumati not only offer us a chance to bask in the glow of the sun, but also to reflect on our own ability to nurture and grow. Just as Te Rā provides us with light and warmth, we too can offer support and encouragement to those around us. Whether it be through acts of kindness or simply lending a listening ear, we all have the ability to brighten someone else's day.

Moreover, the wānanga of Hineraumati also provides us with an opportunity to work on ourselves, to reflect on our own journey and find meaning in it. Though the future may seem uncertain at times, we can still strive to be the light in the darkness and find purpose in the challenges we face. By focusing on our own personal growth and development, we can become a source of inspiration and hope for those around us.

Overall, te takanga o Te Rā is a powerful and meaningful event that reminds us of the cycles of life, the importance of nature, and the potential for transformation in our own lives. Through honouring this day of light, we energetically set in motion a period of awakening in our consciousness.

The changing of seasons is a reminder that everything in life is constantly evolving, and it's a powerful time to reflect on our spiritual growth and transformation. This is when the energy of nature is shifting and aligning with the next season, and it's a great opportunity to harness that energy for our own spiritual practices.

Bathe in the Awa

One way to do this is through rituals that help us release old patterns and beliefs that no longer serve us. This could be as simple as voicing what you want to let go of before bathing in the awa or moana. You can do this on the outgoing tide at sunrise, symbolically releasing and purifying the old energy.

Overall, it's important to remember that spiritual growth is a journey, and it's okay to take it one step at a time. With the changing of the seasons, we have a unique opportunity to tap into the energy of nature and use it to support our own spiritual evolution.

The yellow Pōhutukawa descend from a two rākau found on Motiti Island, an island about 21km north-east of Tauranga. My tūpuna on my mothers side, Takarore and father's side, Kiriona and Hakaraia, both whakapapa to Tauranga so it did not surprise me to receive clear kōrero. Whakapapa encouraged me to explore further.

The following is a kōrero that was shared with me during my wānanga with Aurea while visiting Tauranga.

Aurea or the yellow Pōhutukawa is said to represent the tree of life.

When Tāwhaki ascended the heavens his younger brother tried to climb up and beat him. He was not given the kōrero about what reeves or tree roots to grasp and so he fell to his death. The red of the Pōhutukawa symbolises the blood of Tāwhaki's brother. The yellow of Aurea is said to represent the tree of life.

During my stay in Tauranga, I had a dream about Aurea, the yellow Pōhutukawa. I had come across Aurea for the first time. I had heard about it but had not met it. So when I came across it I stood in awe and knew that I was about to go into wānanga with it. I felt my cells being triggered and could feel the weight of mātauranga. The light of the rākau had enlightened me. I had to allow the light to permeate my cells and come in to Te Ao Marama. The time that would take would depend on my vessel and my ability to hold the light. That night I had a dream of 3 kete at the bottom of the rākau. A voice kept repeating the 3 kete. Since that day I have been in wānanga with Pōhutukawa. With the mātauranga received I have added Aurea to our Wāhine `Feminine Balance Tincture. I have also created a new mauri tincture with Aurea coming soon.

I am hosting a 6 month online wānanga called Mareikura Rongoā Online Course. It will run from Te Ihu o Hineraumati to Te Ihu o Hinetakurua. We begin on the 21st Dec and run through to the 21st June 2024.

If you are looking for a restorative and healing course during the months of Hineraumati this could be for you. We will immerse ourselves with the mauri of Rākau Rangatira with a particular focus on the flowering natives. We will begin the journey with Pōhutukawa. Nau mai xx

To register your interest or to learn more please click below:


Joanne Hakaraia

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